Hello I am a radio show personality, beat man, consultant, and promoter. I have over 10 years experience  assisting in artists promotions.  Recently I've been working as the promotion manager and music producer for the upcoming Indie Sci-Fi film Zombie Day. I
have also been an assistant producer in the short film In Joe We Trust. My website is www.fuegobeats.com, you can also find me on facebook @FuegoBeats, twitter @Mrfuegobeats, and youtube - @Mrfuegobeats

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December 8th, 2013 + 10:12 PM  ·  FuegoBeats

Hello everyone,

Loving the vibe of this site. Any musician interested in being in rotation on a radio podcast submit your music to www.fuegobeats.com/submit

Promotion and Marketinng

December 7th, 2013 + 8:12 PM  ·  FuegoBeats

[www.fuegobeats.com]Hello everyone,

One thing I tell musicians is that after the recording of the music and you have a great sounding album, you must focus 100% on the marketing and promotion. Understanding the demographic you want to reach is vital because they are the ones that are going to buy your albums or singles. Most upcoming musicians do not realize they need a webpage/website to even be taken serious these days. There are a lot of free sites that you could use to build your site but they limit you. So the main point is build your brand and start with building your web presence.


December 7th, 2013 + 7:12 PM  ·  FuegoBeats

Check out some of the music on www.fuegobeats.com. If anyone is interested in collaborating with electric pop or hip hop let me know.
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